GW Legacy Advisors

Web + Brand Design


About the project

GW legacy advisors is a consulting group that works with businesses in manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, and commercial real estate. GW came to me in need of a brand identity and website.

My Role
UI/UX design, brand design, webflow development
The problem

Brand identity and site usability

Matthew Willard and Rod Garrett established their consulting group in 2021 without a business name, brand identity, or website. With their primary customer base being entrepreneurs between the ages of 45-65, they needed a brand identity that communicated professionalism and experience. They also needed a custom website that made it easy for their potential clients to schedule a consultation and discover who they are and the services they provide.

The solution

Trusted brand identity and improved usability

I conceptualized the name GW Legacy Advisors by including the initials of both founder's last names and using "Legacy Advisors" to communicate that they are established, respected advisors of businesses that are looking to continue growing or sell, i.e. "build a legacy".

In order to communicate who they work with and the services they provide, I used an auto slideshow background in the hero section to showcase the industries they service and a section that clearly states the consulting services they provide. I included strategic CTA buttons to direct users to schedule an initial consultation and generate leads. In order to improve the time spent on site and illustrate GW Legacy's work process, I built a custom scroll animation that clearly outlines what to expect when working with GW Legacy Advisors.

The result

Continued growth

GW Legacy Advisors continues to help companies transition into the next stage of their business life cycle. Both partners are in careers outside of their consulting group, but with their established brand and easy to navigate site, they have a powerful framework to provide their expertise for years to come.

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